GPS Survey

GPS is an exceedingly precise route framework utilizing signals from satellites to decide an area on the Earth’s surface, independent of climate conditions.

Studying and mapping was one of the primary business adjustments of GPS, as it gives a scope and longitude position straightforwardly without the need to quantify edges and separations between focuses.

Be that as it may, it hasn’t completely supplanted reviewing field instruments, for example, the theodolite, Electronic Distance Meter, or the more current Total Station, because of the cost of the innovation and the requirement for GPS to have the capacity to ‘see’ the satellites accordingly confining its utilization close trees and tall structures.


  • Cadastral Survey
  • GPS, RTK, DGPS Survey
  • Final Location Survey
  • Contour Survey
  • Drawing Digitization


  • Engineering Survey
  • Pipeline Survey
  • Topographical Survey
  • Land Survey


  • Road Survey
  • Railway Survey
  • Airport Road Survey
  • Dam Survey
  • Bridge Survey
  • Hill Survey
  • River Survey